Electrom Solution Pvt Ltd is one of the largest Industrial Training Institute in North India, providing courses in php, Networking, PLC, CAD/CAM and Embedded Systems. We provide excellent quality in training. We have the best faculty who provide the best guidance to their students for project completion and enhance their key-skills. We provide six months training and 45 days training in above said courses.we also provide six weeks training in php .


Why Choose PHP

php training in jalandhar:

PHP is the most adopted language for designing the websites. One of main reason to choose Php is that it is OPEN Source Server-side Scripting Language providing multifarious features. PHP is highly beneficial for its users since it is compatible with both Windows and Unix-based operating systems.

Some features which made php as the most commonly used language for designing websites are as follows:

  • Less Expensive Software: In php most of the tools are open source as WordPress, but in case of ASP.net you need to take more tools for additional work.
  • Less expensive hosting: A PHP will require only a Linux server that is available through hosting provider at no additional cost.
  • DATABASE FLEXIBILITY: Doing connectivity using Mysql in Php is very easy and MYSQL can be used for free.
  • Fast Loading time

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php training in jalandhar



Electrom Solution  Pvt. Ltd is one of the best training institute which offers the best training environment under the supervision of our faculty.Mr. Nitish Sharma, a web developer and designer who have five years experience in his field. He is the best web blogger, working on many websites.


HOW PHP Works??


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php training in jalandhar

Contents Covered in six weeks php  training in jalandhar:

We will provide you training on different topics included in PHP:

  • HTML
  • Cascading style Sheet
  • Java script
  • PHP
  • Database connectivity Using MYSQL
  • HTML5 and HTML6
  • CSS3
  • Content Management System
  • Bootstrap
  • Model View Controller(MVC)