Electrom Solution is providing best in the field PCB Designing Training through which one can make his own products. even from single layer PCB to multilayer PCB.  PCB Designing Electrically connects using conductive pads, tracks and other features etched from one or more sheet layers of copper laminated sheet by electrical or electronic components mechanically supports layers of a non-conductive substrate. Components are connected over PCB through soldering. PCB are now a day’s multi layers and used everywhere even from Laptop, mobiles market, electrical panels, Drives AC, Coolers, Smart TV, LED bulbs etc. The world market exceeded $60.2 billion in 2014. In 2018, the Global Single Sided Printed Circuit Board Market would reach $79 billion by 2024.


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Course Contents:

Introduction To different type of PCB

Circuit Schematic design using Schematic ToolsPCB Designing PCB Designing screen 2

  • Single sheet design
  • Multi sheets design
  • Hierarchy design
  • Net alliance , Virtual connections, Component editing
  • Customize Component symbol designing
  • Error checking an reduction
  • Net list generation to Design PCB

Advance PCB designing:

  • Foot Print Selection according to component package
  • Customize Foot Print designing
  • Single layer PCB design
  • Multy layers PCB design
  • Components Placement Techniques
  • Routing Techniques
  • Copper pouring, Drill settings,Silk screen setting
  • Error checking and Reduction
  • Post-processing to prepare PCB design for manufacturing

Electrom Solution has its own Developments kits for MCS-51, PIC Family, AVR family, ARM development kits, Arduino Kits, and may more  Industrial Products.Electrom Solution Develop IOT kits through which we can cover all over the globe under one roof, We can control , supervise and maintain our plant far away from installed location.

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