Cisco deals with networking and american based company. Cisco is well known for entire world.Cisco networking company provides carrier options in different technologies like computer,it and electronic engineers.The basically location of Cisco networking company is San Francisco,America.The owner of this company is John Chamber.
The routers and switch’s manufactured by this company which is basically used for the sharing files and document with different operating system like LINUX,WINDOWS,IOS etc. This company also provides the course certification a advance Cisco training course.

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what is the networking ?

Networking deals with the different-different network.IP address to the telecommunication company provided by the networking.we require the internet in our routine life.The totally life of human being depends upon the internet.Network is act as a centralized machines like routers,switch’s,HUB.Networking totally based upon the IP address.Without IP address no networking.In these days, IPv4 & IPv6 version mostly used.The IP address is basically used in different mobiles phone and new it technologies.
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why to choose this networking field ?

Networking is the very advance field. You can easily get a job in this field If yours basic concepts is we knows, Cisco is the well known company so everybody wants to associate or professional level with this company.This technology is very interesting and learn to easy.By the use of this field,the most of the teenagers are craze about the new technology and Can join CCNA training in Jalandhar.
Which exams must provides by Cisco ?
Cisco provides various type of exam such as:-

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2. CCNP  
after clear this exams, the students get certificate which certified by Cisco. The level of this exams are very high like international level and after that the student make a carriers in the entire world.

Cisco training in himachal networking NETWORKING cicsco training in himachal
What is module in networking field ?
Modules are basically an any type of software or console cable.for example Cisco packet tracer and GNS3 software.Students also get the theory as well as practical knowledge about this software.Also different simulator is used in a module.
why to choose us ?
Because this institute is very old in the Jalandhar city and there rate of cost is very cheap compare to the other institutes.all the staff is well educated in this institute.labs are good and well furnished. The major concern of this institute to provide a knowledge in a student through this region aim choose CCNA training in Jalandhar with Electrom Solution.