Electrom Solution Automation Division could be a Jalandhar based mostly company and one in every of the leading PLC training ,PLC & Scada Project Implementation And coaching supplier on Automation merchandise in Industrial Automation across Asian nation.
Electrom Solution Automation Division is specialised in implementation of Siemens , Allen Bradley , Schinder , Mitsubishi PLC and Automation systems. Electrom Solution Automation and Embedded Systems division has Developed indigenously Electrom Solution PLC each HARDWARE and software system.

Industrial Automation industrial automation PLC Training | Industrial Automation pl

Electrom Solution Automations provides practice , Engineering solutions , and system integration services for Industrial Automation comes to varied industries in Asian nation and abroad.Today’s world revolves around technology & most corporations have endowed considerably in machine-controlled Plant . Most producing corporations area unit probing for competent engineers with basic ability towards Industrial Automation and skill to figure on varied brands of PLCs, Drives, MMI and SCADA. High level of technical skills area unit needed to stay it stepping into operations & maintenance.We area unit based mostly in Jalandhar and that we are conducting PLC Automation | Industrial Automationcoaching since a pair of years . Our Centre in Jalandhar holds regular batches for faculty students , freshers and business professionals monthly. we have a tendency to conjointly offer tailor created coaching for specific areas of technology.Over the previous few years Electrom Solution Automations has developed a well accepted coaching ways that helps participants in understanding the fundamental ideas in automation excluding updates on latest technologies. Our coaching contains of fifty theory and five hundredth Practical’s beside animations to clarify students terribly simply the Core topics .We area unit better-known for providing quality coaching that is effective in upgrading the information and ability set of our participant. we have a tendency to conjointly offer trained men in plc automation .

In today’s life the PLC is that the major would like of the commercial environments as a result of the PLC has potency to complete the complicated task while not human interface and with additional accuracy and while not errors. The operator that operate the PLC plant has additional information concerning the PLC automation | Industrial Automation, SCADA and variable frequencies drives yet as basic physical science and the way to implement the PLC business and the way to troubleshoot the issues that principally happens in PLC business. The Electrom Solution TECHNOLOGIES conjointly offer the commercial plc coaching in Jalandhar. PLC coaching in Jalandhar we have a tendency to compleate all topics and over fifty applications are coated that presently utilized in Industrial setting like paint business, chocolate industrial plant, RAM presses, mixer, drilling applications and far additional we have a tendency to connect you the $64000 setting which is able to be just like industries setting. compilers.

Syllabus For PLC Training or Industrial automation Course |

  • introduction to PLC and Industrial Automation.
  • Basics of Electrical System ,sensors , electrical devices
  • Basics of analog ,power systems, pcb design Automatic car washer in Punjab, Automatic car washer in Himachal industrial automation PLC Training | Industrial Automation acw
  •  source and sink, power and ground concept must be know properly.
  • Introduction to Electrom Solution PLC software and ease to acess
  • Introduction to different PLC software’s
  • Rules to write the programs and basic concepts in addressing
  • practical experience over different demo industries like :- 1)Vader Machine 2) Paint Industry 3) bottle filling and counting system 4) Lift application etc.
  • Code download techniques PC to PLC and Upload techniques PLC to PC
  • Panel Designing and Development using standard rules
  • work experience over high class study over washing plant ,bottle filling and labeling, conveyor belt and counting system etc
  • troubleshooting and fault finding in plc programming and hardware troubleshooting
  • Need of SCADA and its introduction
  • best software availability for scada
  • Electrom Solution SCADA system
  • Handling Analog as well as digital input outputs
  • Graphics Design and development in SCADA
  • Remote supervision through SCADA and Control
  • live Industrial Automation projects lile ETP,STP,Automatic car washers,Automatic Byke washers and many more


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