CCNP Training in Jalandhar

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The certification of Cisco for Network skilled (CCNP) on Routing and change, helps in verificatory the flexibility to set up, implement, verify and troubleshoot the native and wide-area enterprise networks andadd collaboration with specialists on advanced security, voice, wireless and video solutions. This certification is acceptable for those with a minimum of one year of networking expertise WHO area unitdesperate to advance their skills and work severally on complicated network solutions. The achievers of the CCNP Routing and change certification have incontestible the talents obligatory in enterprise roleslike network engineer, support engineer, systems engineer or network technician. The information from this certification provides an extended term foundation as these skills area unit equally relevant within the physical networks of these days and also the virtualized network functions of tomorrow.


Must have CCNA Background.

CCNP Training Course Content in Jalandhar


CCNP SWITCHING Course Syllabus in Jalandhar


Campus Network Design

Layer 2 Switching vs. Layer 3 Routing



DTP, Trunking Allowed Lists & VTP

Spanning Tree Protocol

STP Optimization

Cisco PVST+ Enhancements

Rapid STP & Multiple STP

MST Configuration

STP Features


Inter-VLAN Rou􀆟ng

High Availability

Layer 2 Security

Layer 2 Voice & Video Support



CCNP TROUBLESHOOTING Course Syllabus in Jalandhar

Troubleshooting Overview

Troubleshooting Tools

LAN Troubleshooting

IPv4 IGP Troubleshooting

EIGRP Troubleshooting

OSPF Troubleshooting

BGP Troubleshooting

IPv6 Troubleshooting

IP Services Troubleshooting


CCNP ROUTING Course Syllabus in Jalandhar

IP Routing Overview

EIGRP Overview

EIGRP DUAL Calculation

EIGRP Implementation Examples

EIGRP Features

OSPF Overview

OSPF SPF Calculation

OSPF Media Dependencies

Single Area OSPF Implementation E

OSPF Areas & LSA Types

Multi Area OSPF Implementation

OSPF Features

BGP Overview

BGP Implementation

BGP Full Mesh, Route Reflectors,

Confederation, Security & NLRI

Policy-Based Routing