C is a all-purpose programing language developed by Dennis Ritchie. Like most of the procedural language, C has the specialised feature for structured programming, permits variable scope and formula. One sensible factorconcerning C programming is, it permits mapping of constructs to machine instruction thereby requiring terriblyborderline run-time support, then it’s wide employed in application development. Learn C coaching in Electrom Solution at Jalandhar.

C is one amongst the most programming languages getting used for over two decades and C compilers also areout there for many of the pc design and operational Systems. C programming continues to be fashionable for its simplicity of expression, compactness of the code, big selection of pertinency and limitless flexibility it’s to offers.

C Syllabus:
Introduction to C language
Data varieties and Variables
Input /Output Management
Control-flow Statements
Modular Programming with Functions
Arrays & Pointers
Structures and Dynamic Memory Allocation
The Preprocessor and Multiple-file Compilation
File Input/Output
The case management Structure
Miscellaneous Feature